3 weeks at the Conservative Yeshiva in Israel

Nance in Jerusalem 2007

The photos below are from around Jerusalem during my visit. Enjoy! Click here to see lots more photos.† The password to view them is jerusalem. Click to the right to read my posts.

Inside courtyard at Yeshiva


Camel at Jaffa Gate, Old City - erev Tisha bíAv

View of area near the Kotel and hills beyond - erev Tisha bí Av

Two views of the Kotel area from above - erev Tisha bíAv

Feral kitties at the Yeshiva - arenít they cute!

My luxurious room in Jerusalem! Actually it, and the rent I am paying, have gotten rave reviews from friends who have been by and itís better than either dorm at JTS. Itís all mine, I have my own bathroom and thereís even a hot plate and kettle. Now if I only could meet my landlord and actually pay my rent!! Bonus feature - wireless internet!

Israeli signs are in 3 languages. I live in HaMoshava HaGermanit.


A view of the Montefiore Windmill on my walk home.

One of many such posters I pass daily. Sign says ďKing MessiahĒ. And I thought we were still waiting!

Beit Midrash (Study Hall) at Yeshiva

Entry way to where I am staying

Soldier with rifle on King George St.

View of Al-Aqsa Mosque /Temple Mount from Emek Zurim - site of Sifting project

First piece of ossified bone that I found while sifting!

Rachel with the items we found in our bucket of rubble.

Gabriel Barkay - lead archeologist Temple Mount Salvage project with pottery shards.

The work area - black buckets for soaking, sifting stations around edges.

Plaque for Hadassah Square on King George near Yeshiva.

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