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Shalom from Manhattan


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Shalom from Manhattan. So, I have been here in New York for 5 days and have already seen more of the city than I did last year in 5 weeks. It helps that I have a friend who is also staying on campus with whom I can go out and explore.† David is a Rabbi from Maui and is away from his wife and two kids and so we can commiserate together since I miss Steve (and Lolita) a ton.† He and I have been in a number of classes together online in the past two years, so though we only really ďmetĒ five days ago, we arenít strangers. My friend Jennifer, who was here last summer is also here, but stays in Westchester with her brother and his family.† My other friend, Michael, is not here as he got a great new job and was unable to get the time off.


I am taking two classes this summer, as opposed to three which is part of why I have time to explore. I am taking a class on the Prophet Elijah which will focus on the social and political settings of the stories of Elijah. It is taught by a professor/Rabbi from Argentina, Felipo Yafe. He is very knowledgeable as well as entertaining and I think I will enjoy his class as well as learn a good deal. The other class is on Ancient Jewish Magic and Mysticism and is taught by Michael Swartz.† This class will be VERY interesting and I am not sure exactly what we are going to learn. Lots of weird stuff Ė for an idea, read the first chapter of Ezekiel.† I am also writing a paper for a class I took this spring. Seattle didnít have the proper resources so I was given an extension and am writing it while I have the top Jewish Library in North America at my disposal.


Had dinner on Thursday at a kosher meat restaurant. My garlic basil chicken was fabulous and David didnít quite umming and aahing over his steak the whole time he was eating it. The food in the cafeteria here is all kosher and they have meat day once or twice a week. The food is actually quite good and reasonably priced.


I am in a different dorm than last year and have a room and bathroom to myself. I am in the graduate student dorm and my neighbors are graduate or rabbinical students Ė some of whom have lived here for multiple years. I have two rooms and a bathroom. The kitchen is down the hall and is shared. The bathroom is technically shared but there is no one in the room next door this month so I have it to myself. Which is nice as it is quite small and I canít imagine sharing it with a stranger. But even that would be better than last summerís group bathroom experience!!


Well, that is about all for the short first week. I hope to make it to the fireworks again this year. David has been working on that. He is looking forward to taking pictures and sending them home to his kids and I will make mine available as well. I have my fancy new camera with me so they should be good!† Tomorrow will probably be lots of reading and working on my paper.† If you want to call, my cell phone works Ė 206-972-0523 or my room phone number is 212-280-6087.